Giudecca Arquitectos

Giudecca Arquitectos is an architectural firm based in Seville, formed by Melina Pozo Bernal, Esther Mayoral Campa and Cristóbal Miró Miró. The three of us are graduates in Architecture and Doctors of Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Seville. We combine our professional activity since 2003, with teaching and research at the ETSAS of Seville and as members of the Research Group HUM_789 of the University of Seville: "New Situations, Other Architectures".

The studio understands architecture as one more dimension of the human being, proposing to its clients solutions that respond to the different scales of action, in the environmental, social, pedagogical and psychological perception of spaces. We believe that our work is a valid means to promote the necessary changes that society demands from Architecture. The continuous and increasingly accelerated transformation that our world is undergoing cannot have a single and rigid response from our discipline, but on the contrary requires a constant updating and renewal of our knowledge and means. We believe in continuous training and updating, and we do so through continuous research that can address the different scales of intervention, but always with an energetic and positivist impulse.

Since 2019 Giudecca Arquitectos has been accredited as an associate to obtain the BREAM environmental sustainability certification.

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